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Eco-Hot Melt Grows with Clients

For the past 30 years, Shin Kwang Hotmelt has manufactured and exported hot melt adhesive, covering more than 800 million square meters for various composite materials worldwide, including in Korea.

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Registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Office in 2009, ADCOPOLY is a distinctive trademark of Shin Kwang Hot Melt. This adhesive is specially formulated for bonding a wide range of materials including polyolefin, nylon, EVOH, steel pipes, aluminum, wood, paper, and various metals.

ADCOPOLY is widely used across various industries such as construction, automotive, maritime, steel piping, compatibilizers, and apparel, thanks to its versatility with metals, plastics, and textiles.

ADCOPOLY offers several advantages including strong adhesion, exceptional durability, and ease of use through thermal processing.

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