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Hot melt adhesives are solid at room temperature and lack adhesive properties until heated. When used, they are melted by applying heat.

Eco-friendly hot melt adhesives are designed to be safe for human contact, meeting industrial safety standards, making them more trustworthy for use in consumer products closely integrated with daily life.

Furthermore, eco-friendly hot melt adhesives allow for precise control of the adhesive layer thickness down to micrometers, potentially enhancing energy efficiency through process automation and speed.

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)
Aluminum Honeycomb Panel (HCP)

Shin Kwang Hotmelt's adhesive, an ACP/HCP adhesive, boasts outstanding performance.

ACP stands for Aluminum Composite Panel, a flat panel made up of polyethylene sheets for flame retardancy, sandwiched between aluminum sheets for both exterior and interior applications. 

HCP, or Honeycomb Composite Panel, is a type of flat panel composed of two aluminum sheets with a honeycomb core layer in the middle, offering enhanced strength and lightweight properties.


Automobile Headliner

The headliner composite material minimizes external noise and vibration entering the vehicle through the ceiling, while also absorbing indoor sounds. It serves to protect the driver's and passengers' heads from impacts in case of a collision. This material enhances both safety and interior comfort, maintaining VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) components below safety thresholds.


Steel Pipe PE Coating System

Shin Kwang Hotmelt adhesive is utilized in the steel pipe coating system, applied in two or three layers. This adhesive plays a crucial role in providing long-term anti-corrosion protection and high peel strength, ensuring the durability and integrity of the steel pipe coating system.

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