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For Metal Hot Melt Adhesive

Aluminum, Zinc, Epoxy, Paint, Steel, etc.

This product line is known for its robust adhesion, outstanding tensile strength, and superior corrosion resistance. It's ideally suited for use with aluminum panels, honeycomb panels, composite panels, and steel pipes, among other applications.

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For Plastic Hot Melt Adhesive

PE, FR, EVA, PP, PC, PVC, etc.

This product range stands out for its exceptional compatibility, adhesion, and polarity while preserving polyolefin properties. It is widely used in various applications, including complex panels, solar panels, automobile interior materials, and sneaker insoles.

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For Fiber Hot Melt Adhesive

Fabric, Nonwoven fabric, Carbon, Glass, etc.

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This product lineup is distinguished by its superior durability, safety for human use, eco-friendliness, and consistent quality. It's designed for use in automobile interiors, insulation materials, maritime equipment, and sneakers, among other applications.

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